Can Crofton Change the World?

by: Laura Jahn 

I’ll give you the short answer first: Yes. Absolutely!

The long answer…

When I think about how the global community has changed just within my lifetime, I’m astounded. Infinite information is at our fingertips. Curiosity can be satisfied in seconds. People who are continents apart can talk face to face in real time. It’s amazing!

But let’s be real. It’s overwhelming.

Every positive aspect of life on a world-wide, real-time scale has its daunting counterpart. Whether it’s political turmoil, natural disasters, violence, or social injustice, we have an unprecedented awareness of global crisis.

It can seem impossible to know how to begin to resolve these big issues. And too often our good intentions are derailed by the thought that no matter what we do, it will never be enough.

In moments of doubt like this, I try to remember these words from St. Teresa of Calcutta:

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”

Mother Teresa

This simple instruction has re-centered me many times. It’s a reminder that if you don’t know how to improve the world on a global scale, start where you are with what you have. Teach love at home. Never lose hope. Never doubt that you can effect change.

That’s why I was so excited when a neighbor introduced me to Crofton is Kind – a group dedicated to teaching kindness to children through community engagement right here in Crofton! One of their first projects was creating Kindness Rocks – colorful stones with inspirational and encouraging messages.

It started with a few rocks placed randomly throughout Crofton, which brightened people’s day with an unexpected dose of positivity. The rocks changed hands and were paid forward. Then more and more stones were added to the mix.  All of a sudden Crofton’s Kindness Rocks start showing up in Bowie, Annapolis, and even New York!


As the rocks made their way throughout our community and well beyond, I realized they illustrate how kindness works – how a single act of kindness becomes contagious and spreads. It reminded me of St. Teresa’s reflection that the love we foster at home is the foundation for world peace.

That’s why I genuinely believe Crofton can change the world. We lay the foundation for peace at home. When we teach children kindness at home and within our community, they will spread that kindness well beyond!

And there’s no better way to practice kindness and show children the powerful, positive impact of their actions than volunteering your time and talents within your community.

Crofton is Kind inspired me to take action! I knew I wanted to volunteer, but I had no idea where to start. So, I created a directory of volunteer opportunities available right here in Crofton and in the surrounding areas for people like me who have good intentions, but not a lot of direction.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check it out, and see what opportunities are a good fit for you and your family! Just a few hours spent in service can brighten someone’s day, or inspire someone else to get involved.

Never doubt that you have the power to change the world starting right here and right now. Just check out the directory below to see how!

Organization Volunteer Opportunities Contract Information
Arundel Volunteer Fire Department Become a first responder fire fighter or EMT. Learn CPR, first aid, or fire prevention.

Phone: 301-261-0060

Bowie Elks Lodge Invest in your community through programs that help children grow up healthy and drug-free, meet the needs of today’s veterans, and improve the quality of life.

Phone: 301-261-3260

Build Crofton High School Help advocate for building a high school in Crofton through letter writing campaigns to legislation and community outreach.

Phone: Not Available

Crofton Elementary PTA Become a classroom volunteer, assist with community events, or become a tutor.

Phone: 410-222-5800

Changing Focus Networking and therapeutic education for individuals experiencing separation and divorce, widowed, or wanting their relationships to grow.

Phone: 410-721-0992

Connor Cares Foundation Assist in furthering the education and training of lifesaving personnel, set safety standard, and introduce legislation to help prevent drownings.

Phone: 443-875-2867

Crofton Care & Rehabilitation Center Become a letter/email writer, escort, reader, friendly visitor, or activity leader for residents.

Phone: 410-721-1000

Crofton Christian Caring Council (CCCC) Volunteer to assist with CCCC’s food pantry, baby supply pantry, clothes closet, and soup kitchen.

Phone: Not Available

Crofton Civic Association Participate in the planning and development of the Crofton Community. Volunteer and participate in family friendly community events and improvements.

Phone: 410-721-2301

Crofton is Kind Foster kindness in children through outreach events such playground cleanups, painting kindness rocks, and anti-bullying campaigns.

Phone: Not Available

Crofton Kiwanis Serve the needs of families in Crofton and participate in the Annual 10K Race, “Rebuilding Together” efforts, Salvation Army bell ringing and quarterly blood drives.

Phone: 410-451-3930

Crofton Rotary Club Become a member and participate in local service events and community improvement projects.

Phone: Not Available

Chrysalis House Help support the lives of women and children with comprehensive recovery programs and services by becoming a daycare assistant, board member, admin assistant or group facilitator.

Phone: 410-974-6829

Gabriel Network Provide services and goods to local women and families challenged with a crisis pregnancy by becoming a counselor, helpline or office volunteer, or organize a fundraiser.

Phone: 800-264-3565

 **Crofton is Kind would like this directory to be as comprehensive as possible. If you’d like to add an organization to this list, please submit the organization name, contact information and outline of volunteer opportunities. We’ll update the directory regularly, so check back for new opportunities!**

NOTE: Thank you so much to our guest writer, Laura Jahn who not only took the time to write this amazing post, but also put together this directory. Thank you, Laura! We are inspired by your words and your dedication to this community! 


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