Kindness + Party = KINDNESS PARTY!

On March 12th we gathered at the home of the founder of Crofton is Kind to paaaaaar-tay! “Oh-What’s a Kindness party?” you say? Well, its a blast, that’s what it is! Here’s what we did…

We started by having everyone introduce themselves, and the kids shared what they think “Kindness is…”Kindness Party! (3)

Then we read two fabulous books. If you don’t have “Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed” and “The Invisible Boy” go get them now and add them to your collection. In these books we learned about how the kindness of just one person really can change the world, and how important it is to be a good friend…to everyone.

After the books we played a Kindness trivia game. The kids won prizes that they could choose to keep or to share with a neighbor. Here’s hoping lots of neighbors are the recipients of random acts of kindness (RAKs) today.

Kindness Party! (14)


We made sharing stones: 1 to keep and 1 to share.

And we made sure the kids all left with lots of tools to spread kindness far and wide.

Kindness Party! (24)Kindness Party! (25)Kindness Party! (30)

If this sounds like fun to you then find our group on Facebook by searching for “Crofton is Kind” and request to be added to the group. And if you have ideas of other activities that we can host, please reach out with ideas using the “Contact Us” page.

Thanks for reading! And remember, be kind….always.

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